"100% Percussion...

All of the ability, the experience, and musical diversity from over 30 years of intensive work and his study of the rhythms of the world flow into this solo concert.

Dudu Tucci invites his listeners to take a musical journey through cultures and traditions.

Dudu Tucci Solo PDFMoving between congas, rhythm effects, gongs, the berimbao and flute, single vocal passages built into call and answer with the instrument, he weaves a carpet of sounds and rhythms.
“A concert like a relaxing massage for body and soul“ (Gießener Allgemeine).

Some rhythms, melodies and sequences will seem familiar to listeners of Dudu’s CDs or participants of his workshops, but even so, each concert is unique.

And just as each audience, concert hall and atmosphere are unique, Dudu Tucci creates a very special place in the here and now from the magic of the moment.


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