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Dudu Tucci & BPD - Brasil Power Drums -

BPDPacked with energy and full of magic, Dudu Tucci and his band Brazil Power Drums play traditional and contemporary rhythms of Brasil, like samba, samba-reggae, hip-hop, and funk as well as maracatú and ijexá.

These pulsating grooves, interlaced with solos and trios and spiced with suspenseful breaks, create wonderful musical moments – all of it  enhanced in a most delightful way by the enchanting voice of Mariana Viana and Eudinho Soares on the guitar and keyboard. 

Renowned percussion master and composer Dudu Tucci creates a unique combination of ethno-popular music with contemporary influences together with his band – an entire universe of South American rhythms. Truly handmade music of the highest caliber.

Dudu Tucci: Over 30 years ago Dudu accepted an invitation to play a concert at the JazzFest Berlin. Since then he has lived and worked in Berlin, as a musician, composer, and highly demanded teacher for Brasilian percussion. As a soloist and with his band Brazil Power Drums, Dudu has been enthusing audiences for years at international festivals and concerts, nationally and internationally, from Mexico to Korea and Morocco.

"That is what a great beat can do".


Dudu Tucci (perc., voc., musical director)
Tino Vetter, (perc.)
Krista Zeißig (perc., back vocal)
Mariana Viana (voc, dance)
André Bayer (git )
Paulo Cetras (kb)

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